Frequently Asked Questions

Avalon Wolves Community:

We appreciate your interest in our program, and are working toward a fantastic upcoming season.  Our community and football/cheer program are growing at a rapid pace.  Given this growth, we are working on trying to accommodate as many players/families as possible.  In order to streamline responses to similar questions please review the following list of frequently asked questions, (categorized by pre-season and in season subjects):

Pre-season FAQ’s

1.    How do I register? Answer: Please create an account on AvalonWolves.com.  Once open registration is announced, you may submit your information to get registered.  All accounts must be verified and approved by league officials before the registration process can continue. **Please note that registration will be different this season due to changes at the national level of Pop Warner.  Please watch our website for details.**

2.     How much does it cost?  Answer: $250. if your son/daughter is placed on a roster you will need to pay a $150 deposit at registration. If you are placed on a waiting list, no deposit is required. The balance is due at equipment pick-up in June/July.

3.     When do we need physical forms completed?  Answer: The original Pop Warner physical form will be required at equipment pick-up in June/July in order to receive your equipment. Physicals must have been performed in the same calendar year as the season.

4.     Who signs up at registration?  Answer: All participants are required to sign up during open registration; tackle football and cheerleading.  Again, this is done by creating an account on AvalonWolves.com.

5.     Can I sign up early or late? Answer: Due to high demand, all registrations are date/time stamped to determine placement in the queue.  If you are submitting information after registration begins, you will be placed on a waiting list. Only returning players & siblings are permitted to pre-register for the following season.

6.     When is equipment pick up? Answer: The website will have the date/location posted. Generally the date is in June/July. You may not pick up equipment early. If you have a conflict your head coach will have an alternate date and location for equipment pick up during the first week of practice.

7.     What is the cut off for league age? Answer: All league age is determined by the actual age of your child on July 31 of the year in which he/she will participate.

8.     Can I help Coach?  Answer: We interview our head coaches months before the season starts and are selected based on several different criteria.  Each head coach has the responsibility to choose his/her own assistant coaches.  If you are interested in an assistant coach position, please send an email to the listed head coach, (on this website) for the respective division. If you would like to be considered as a head coach for the following season, you will need to fill out a volunteer form at the end of this coming season.

9.     Where do we practice?  Answer: All practices take place at Timber Creek High School.  Football and some cheer teams practice next to the football field. Competition cheer teams practice on mats in the TCHS cafeteria.  You can expect three practices per week and a game on Saturday. (There will be practice or scrimmage on Saturdays until season starts).

10.  When is the first practice? Answer: August 1.

11.  How long is the season? Answer: The regular season runs from August 1 through the end of October.  There are usually eight games and one pre-season game, (possible bowl game or playoffs). Competition Cheer teams (Jr. Pee Wee through Varsity) can go longer depending on how they do in competition.  The first competition is in Mid October, followed by a regional competition the weekend of Thanksgiving, then a National competition in December.  Avalon Cheer has a history of advancing – please refrain from travel plans in the weeks prior to a competition. Click for detailed cheer info

12.  Where are games played?  Answer: Home games are played at Timber Creek High School.  Away games are played at different Pop Warner sites, usually a high school in the Central Florida area.

13.  Are there certifications required to volunteer for a position with the league?  Answer: Yes, all coaches attend a certification class conducted by our governing body, Mid Florida Pop Warner.  Parents who volunteer and are on the field and any other volunteers need to fill out a background check application.  Additional certification may be required.

14.  I missed registration, how can I get registered?  Answer: Due to high demand you will most likely be placed on a waiting list.  Please go to avalonwolves.com, and create an account.  You will not submit any deposit until your child is taken off the waitlist.  Several changes happen between registration and the beginning of the season.  If your child is placed on a roster you will be informed as soon as possible, or by the middle of July.  If not, we will waive your child, so that you can register in another local Pop Warner program.

15.  Are there off-season programs to prepare my child for the upcoming season?  Answer: By rule, Pop Warner does not allow off-season programs to be run by our program.

16.  When is equipment pick up day? Answer:  Usually late June to Mid July. The pick-up schedule will be posted on the website.

17.  What if we are relocating to the Timber Creek/East Orlando area and want to participate? Answer:  If your child participated in another Pop Warner program you will be given priority, provided there are roster spots for their respective division.

In Season FAQ’s

1.     When will we receive our game schedules? Answer: Game schedules are created by Mid-Florida Pop Warner, the governing body for our program.  We usually receive our schedules in late July.  The schedule will also be posted on our website as soon as possible.

2.     When is picture day? Usually late August or early September.  We will have scheduled times on the website as the date gets closer.

3.     If I have an issue with a coach, player, parent or league official how should I handle my concern? Answer: We are a ZERO TOLERANCE program.  First, realize that any issue contains several factors. Be sure to address any concerns in a controlled and respectful manner.  If you have team related concerns your best approach is to address them with your head coach in a planned setting or after practice.  We recommend that coaches set aside one night per week that allows for parent communication.  If you have a league related issue, talk to your head coach in the same format and he will bring the issue to the attention of the Football Director.  A league official will be in contact with you to resolve the issue or deliver further context.  If you do not follow the formal escalation process that will be handed out at the beginning of the season your issue will not be handled.

4.     What rights do we have as parents and players? Answer:  A safe place to play football, with fundamental instruction.  Per the Pop Warner parent code of conduct any verbal abuse, constant disruption to the team or the experience of other parents will not be tolerated.  The board of directors at Avalon Pop Warner reserves the right to warn a parent or player one time, and then suspend privileges/participation for one year or permanently, depending on the offense.

5.     What is the lightning/Natural Disaster warning policy for practice and games?  Answer: The league’s Football Director and Commissioner will assess weather and playing conditions.  If for whatever reason conditions do not allow for practice or games, we will sound a loud horn with one long blast, which means immediately clear the field and get in your vehicles.  Once conditions are safe, there will be another blast to return to the playing field.  Once the horn has been sounded and the field is cleared, you are at your own risk if you choose not to take cover.  If the horn is blasted twice practice is cancelled and you will be expected to attend the next scheduled practice.  In cases of Hurricane warning or events pending of/after Natural disasters, Avalon Pop Warner will follow the same course of action as Orange County Schools.  If school is closed for weather conditions there will not be practice on that given day. Games and other activities relating to weather will be determined based on availability and other cross county factors.

6.     What should I expect if my son does not make it to practice during a given week?Answer: Football is a game of synergy, consistency and preparation.  Given these characteristics it is very important to stay on course with practice and all season commitments.  If your child inexcusably misses practice during a given week, his head coach will not be required to play him more than the minimum during the next game.  Judgment on this issue lies at the team level.

7.    Can I use pictures or the Pop Warner name for mass media?  Answer: No, not without the express written consent of the Avalon Wolves Commissioner, Mid Florida Pop Warner and if needed, Pop Warner’s national board of directors.

8.    What are the qualifications of league officials responsible for my child’s football experience? Answer: Our philosophy is to conduct a rigorous process to select the best possible volunteer candidates.  Most or all coaches have some football experience and/or coaching experience.  All head coaches usually have multiple years experience coaching youth athletics, have been dedicated to our program in the past and have a good grasp of football fundamentals.  Additionally, all coaching volunteers are required to complete certification courses conducted by Mid Florida Pop Warner and are background checked.

9.     How much does a Pop Warner league official get paid? Answer: $0.00.  All league officials, coaches, board members, commissioners, directors, etc. are not compensated.   We are a non-profit organization that relies on great people that volunteer their time and knowledge.  Please respect this fact and consider volunteering, it can only help us all.

10.  Are there harassment and discrimination standards at Avalon Pop Warner?  Answer: Yes, the harassment and discrimination policy is posted on our website, www.avalonwolves.com.  Absolutely no substantiated harassment or discrimination will be tolerated at Avalon Pop Warner or any other Pop Warner organization.  We are an equal rights and opportunity organization.

11.  What is the general purpose of Avalon Pop Warner?  Answer: To fundamentally embrace children in the areas of academics and football.  Our main objective is to provide a safe place for your child to be challenged and grow through life, football/cheer and academic responsibility.

12.  Who benefits from the money that goes into the program?  Answer: Only you.  Every penny that is collected at Avalon Pop Warner is invested back into the growth, safety, general operation and long term development of the program.  Our association is 100% run by volunteers.  We hope you’ll contribute your talents to help make the Avalon Wolves the best it can be!

13.  What do I need to do to volunteer at Avalon Pop Warner?  Answer: During the season you will be informed of opportunities to assist.  Please contact your Team Parent if you are interested, she/he will have the list of latest needs.

14.  How do I get directions to away games?  Answer: All directions to away games are listed on the Mid Florida Pop Warner website, www.midfloridapopwarner.com.

Football FAQ
(Click for Cheer FAQ)

1.  What is minimum play?  Answer: It is a requirement of Pop Warner that all players, regardless of skill level must play a minimum amount of plays during each game. The actual number of plays is dictated by the number of players on a roster at the beginning of a game.

2.  What if my athlete wants to play a certain position?  Answer: Position assignments are conducted at the team level.  We encourage all coaches to tryout each child for different positions early in the season.  All children are evaluated equally and will have the opportunity to prove they can play different positions. Each head coach will have an evaluation form, which will list the needed skills for a given position and an evaluation for each player.  Position assignments are entirely up to the head coach and his staff.

3.  What if I think my athlete should be playing more?  Answer: We recommend asking yourself if your son has done his best to prepare himself to succeed and worked as hard as the rest.  Then we ask that you try and be as objective as possible when considering your son’s ability compared to his group.  The next step is to have a planned conversation with the head coach of your team to get background on his perspective relative to your son.  This conversation is not intended to turn his opinion or even create a preferential move for your son; you can only expect a forth right response that will allow you to understand decisions that are made.  The information you collect will help you in further influencing your child to work on aspects that will help him.  We recommend that you work together-with, not-at the coaching staff to improve your son’s opportunities.  If you continue to not be satisfied with your son’s playing time, please realize your opinion has been heard and the head coach will only do what he sees best for the team.

4.  What are the expectations or playing characteristics of each football division:  Answer:

All divisions/players listed below are required to sustain a 2.0 grade point average or higher to continue to participate through out the course of the season.  The following descriptions have been formulated by local league officials and coaches:

Ø  Tiny Mite- Fundamentals and focus on team play where each player has equal play time.  This is the first tackle experience for all players and should be fun at learning the basics.  Winning and losing are not to be promoted.

Ø  Mighty Mite- Fundamentals and focus on team play where players begin to be challenged to compete for positions.  Coaches should focus on attempting to spread out playing time as much as possible, but they are not required to administer equal game play.  Score will be taken during these games, but only for the objective of game momentum and understanding of game strategy.  This division does not have long term bowl game objectives, so winning and losing is only stated for the value of understanding the process.

Ø  Jr. PeeWee- Fundamentals and focus on team play where players are preparing for the competitive nature of the next level.  Strategically, this division integrates all aspects of team football to learn how to efficiently manage a game for the best possible outcome.  Coaches are encouraged to introduce more advanced aspects of the game, so that players learn the concept of hard work for great returns.  This division is the first to have a bowl game objective for the year, so they attempt to perform for a win/loss record that could result in a championship bid.

Ø  PeeWee- Fundamentals and focus on team play that creates the best possible scenario for team success and dealing with the competitive nature of football.  Coaches are encouraged to introduce the difference between shared time and playing to be the best you can at a given position to help the team as a whole. Most players in this division have prior experience and are challenged to refine their skills.  Bowl game play is an objective here, so coaches will teach the effects of winning and losing while fundamentally developing players to play at the next level.

Ø  Jr. Varsity- Fundamentals and focus on team play where players get their first exposure to prep school level challenges on the football field.  Players are expected to understand the value of competing for positions and personal/team gains through hard work.  As in all other divisions, academics and the challenges of practice time and life balance are important.  This division also has a championship objective.

Ø  Varsity/UnlimitedFundamentals and focus on team play where players are challenged and preparation is focused on competing at the early stages of high school level football.  Players are expected to understand the value of competing for positions and personal/team gains through hard work.  This division has a championship objective.