Please click  the link for our Avalon Wolves link (to be provided) to get all the goodies needed for the upcoming season.

The cost for the cheer package is approximately $55-$75, and includes:
* White Cheer shoes
* Pom Poms (sold individually – purchase 2)
* Bloomers (“boy shorts” worn under uniform – MANDATORY)
(PS – Don’t forget about Pinktober!  Look for your Breast Cancer Awareness accessories)

Additional expenses (buy on your own):
* White, no show socks
* Insulated water jug
* Black sports bra (as needed)
* Black pony tail holders
IMG_2583 (2)
We will provide:
* Cheer Uniform – gameday & competition uniform – must be returned at the end of the season –
* Cheer bow for games and competitions
* Pride Pack – usually includes t-shirt and shorts.  Consider this a “casual” uniform.

To learn more about our cheer program please see our FAQ page


How to Care for a Cheer Uniform


* Wash on gentle cycle
* Hang up to air dryTIP: Is one area of the uniform rubbing or irritating your cheerleader?  Use athletic tape to cover that area.
* Put in the dryer
* Iron (you will MELT the material)
* Cut or remove any tags
* Alter in any way without express permission

All uniforms are LOANED to the cheerleader for the season.

All pieces must be returned at the end of the season.

Thank you in advance for taking excellent care of the cheer uniform so that we can get many seasons of use out of each piece!


Lengthen the life of your cheer hair bow!


Care & Handling Tips:

Please store your cheer bow flat, in a cool dry place. If you are worried about dust you can store your bow in a plastic box.
Do NOT stretch or pull on your hair bow.  Cheer bow ponytail holders are not intended to be the main source of securing hair.  To avoid breakage from over stretching, ALWAYS secure hair with a separate ponytail holder BEFORE adding your cheer bow.
If you should get food or dirt on your bow, gently clean it with a baby wipe.
🎀Your beautiful cheer bows will last if you take care of them.

Happy Cheering!